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Engineering services for Mechanical, Electrical, Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial, Prototype Design/Build,
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     Roof Management Services


LA Research specializes in extending roof asset life using individualized roof management

programs that combine Investigation, Design with Repairs and Maintenance.  This unique

combination of services offered by a single company ensures that a balanced efficient effort

will be focused on the true problem; keeping water out of the building for the lowest annual



We offer turnkey construction project management services utilizing skilled contractors, for

all projects exceeding our assigned threshold.



I.                   Investigation

A.                 Moisture Scan

1.                  Infrared Camera

2.                  Capacitance Meter

B.                 Water Testing

1.                  Wall & Window Testing (ASTM E 1105 & AAMA 502)

2.                  Roof Flood Testing (ASTM D 5957)

C.                 Asbestos and Testing

II.                Design


A.                 Design Development

1.                  Code Review

2.                  Material Selection

B.                 Construction Documents

1.                  Specification

2.                  Drawings and Details

C.                 Construction Administration

1.                  Invitation To Bidders

2.                  Pre-bid Conference

3.                  Submittal Review

4.                  Contractor Selection

D.                 Quality Assurance

1.                  Construction Site Visits

2.                  Annual Site Visits

III.             Repairs

A.                 Housekeeping

B.                 Preventative Maintenance

C.                 Leak Repair Response






Research and Engineering

(251) 653-9009




Infra-Red (or Nuclear) Moisture Detection Services read retained heat caused by wet roof insulation.  An experienced technician verifies the heat is actually moisture and

not false readings caused by imbedded sheet metals, interior processes, or roof system component variations.



Pre-Design Scan; as an Evaluation tool for identifying existing insulation or deck replacement, for partial roof replacement.  Evaluating and Reusing existing

components employs the Sustainable Design concept of reducing the energy consumption needed for disposal and new product manufacture and installation.


Post-Install Scan; as a Quality Control tool after the new roof system has been


Wet insulation identified through infrared camera.

Same area marked on rooftop with paint.



All wet insulation removed and replaced

Prior to completing roof system installation